Blue Face Paint

Face Painting

A classic party activity!  We use hypoallergenic washable paints and clean brushes and sponges between faces.

Starts at $100 per hour

glitter tatoos.jpg

Glitter Dazzler Tattoos

These are a sparkling crowd-pleaser!  Applied by hand with our in-house designed stencils, they last several days.

Starts at $100 per hour


Airbrush Tattoos

These are great for large crowds!  They are very fast and line friendly.  We use vibrant washable colors.

Starts at $100 per hour

Happily cards 2020.jpg

Princesses & Heroes

Invite a favorite character to your party to make your day a magical one!  
We team up with local character company Happily Ever After Productions for the ultimate character experience!  Visit their site for info: