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How far ahead should I book a party or event date?
The earlier, the better! Our schedules fill quickly, especially around holidays and on weekends.  Contact us by phone or email to check availability!
Customers are served on a first-come, first-serve basis, so don't wait!

How do I reserve my date?
We'll need a few details including the event or delivery address, contact person info for the day of, and for events, a $50 reservation fee (non-refundable; will be applied toward your total for your event)!

Contact us directly to check availability and schedule your delivery or event!

What payment methods do you accept?  How does payment work?
We accept credit/debit card (via Square), Paypal, or you can mail a check!  We accept cash or check in person at the event for the remaining balance.  Remaining balance is always due on or before the event, delivery, or setup date.

When is the best time to contact you, or what are your business hours?
As a family owned and run small business, we don't have typical "office hours" but we are usually available weekdays (unless we are booked for events or decor jobs), and are out twisting or painting on the weekends!  But you can give us a call or send an email anytime!  We're always happy to chat with you!  

What days are you available for decorating or entertainment?
We are available for parties, events, and decor setup 7 days a week, barring our being booked by another client.  We come to you at your location at a time that works for you.  For large-scale décor we have even stayed overnight at venues to ensure everything looks perfect come opening time!

What do you charge for an event, or party, or decorations?
See our Hourly Entertainment and our Birthday Party Packages pages for pricing!  Decor is usually customized, so contact us for a quote!

Can you help me design decor for my event?
Yes, we can!  We can offer many suggestions over the phone or email, and if you like, we can visit your location (a complimentary service, although a travel fee may apply if the location is out of our area) once the date is reserved to help you determine the best look and fit for your event.  We will work with you to ensure everything looks fabulous on the big day! 

The venue my event is being held at doesn't allow helium.  Can I still decorate with balloons?
No helium?  No problem!  We specialize in air-fill options, perfect for any event or venue!

Are the balloons safe for the environment?
Yes, when handled correctly and responsibly!  Latex balloons are made from natural rubber, which comes from trees, and they decompose at about the same rate as an oak leaf!  However, mylar (foil) balloons can conduct electricity if they contact power lines, and balloon ribbon can potentially be hazardous to the environment, so you should leave those things for the indoor events.  We can help you plan outdoor friendly decor!

Do you offer a discount for not-for-profit organizations?
Yes!  While we can't donate to every worthy organization (we wish we could!), we can offer a 10% discount off your total for your event! For example, that means if you spend $100, you get $10 FREE! And if you spend $200, you $20 FREE! And if you... oh, you get the idea.

How long do balloon sculptures and/or bouquets usually last?

Longer than you'd think!  Some designs can last a few days to a week or more.  We use the highest quality balloons available, and for helium balloons, float time can be extended with Hi-Float. If you have a very long event, we can help you design decor or sculptures that will hold up well!

Will you travel to places other than central Indiana?

Have balloons, will travel!  Contact us for a driving travel fee!  If the location requires a plane flight or an overnight stay, we can travel if these things are provided. (Special discounts apply for locations like Hawaii, or the Caribbean.... you know, places like that.)

Can you provide or recommend other entertaiment, too?  I need several types of entertainment!

Yes, we can! We often work with other entertainers such as magicians and clowns. And our sister company, Happily Ever After Productions, provides Indy’s BEST Princess Parties! Visit them at!

I want to learn balloon twisting! Can you teach me?

Yes, we can! Gather a group of 8 or more and we will come to your location to teach a workshop!  These are great for office parties, family gatherings, even birthday parties!  Everyone gets a pump and kit and we provide the balloons for the workshop!

Have other questions? Just contact us and let us know! We'll be happy to answer them!

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